Thank you to those that came out to the Goonies for Suite Forum! It was a great time, and is always a great laugh. Hopefully, you enjoyed the popcorn and the friendship! See you hopefully at the next Suite Forum!

Distinguished Lecturer

Thank you to those that went to the Distinguished Lecturer with me! Colonel EileenĀ Collins told us to pursue our academic and vocational call and to do so thoroughly. Collins also spoke greatly to women and challenged women in STEM to work as hard as you can, regardless of what others think or believe. This holds […]

Joke Board

If you have a lame, sort of funny, or funny joke, please feel free to share it! There are some good jokes on this board that could maybe give you a quick laugh. Please keep your jokes appropriate, and maybe add some jokes to your joke bank!

Would You Rather…

Look at this participation! This week’s “Would You Rather…” featuresĀ pirate or ninja. This is a tough choice… I personally chose pirate because you get to work as a team, get to travel, and maybe have an eye patch (depends on the story). I guess we can maybe get a glimpse of someone’s personality or identity […]

60 Seconds

How often throughout your day do you ask yourself what you have to still complete? Well, in the minute it maybe took you to think of the things you have to do, check out what happens around the world. From what one fact says, lightning hits the Earth six times every second on average! Imagine […]

Thankful Board

Thank you to everyone that has been writing on the wing’s thankful board. It is so important that we are all thankful as thankfulness is an attitude that influences the way you think, the way you perceive others, and the way you encounter hardships! It also important we are emotionally healthy and are always cultivating […]

5 East Cookout

Thank you to those that came to Chef Ian’s cookout last Sunday. I didn’t snap a picture, but there was a great turnout. Chef Ian had pineapple, brats, steaks, burgers, and beans on the grill, and from what I heard, everyone had fun. It was great helping others out and getting to know what hobbies […]