Packer Game – With Meat Balls

Spoiler Alert! …

The Packers lost!

With the start of the semester solidly on its way its important to take a step back and relax.  As our schedules start filling up and the first quizzes and exams start to role around make sure to take a deep breath and relax every now and then. Though I can’t say it was that relaxing since the Packers lost (see score below) :(.  I counted at least 4 residents from the wing who came down and enjoyed the event with loads of free BBQ meat balls and BBQ little wienies.  Career Fair is coming up quick so make sure yall are keeping an eye out for tips and prepare for another great Career Fair!


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About your RAs and about you!

So Michaela and I wanted to let you tell you a little bit about us.  Now we want to here about you.  Put a number on the top of the bottle for the question you are answer and put your answer inside the bottle.  Your name is optional.  Let’s have a great semester! #Identity Development

Balloon and Dart door decs

In the spirit of the Carnival Games theme for our floor everyone on the wing got Balloon and Dart door decs.  If you would prefer a different name on your door dec please let me know! #APlaceToBelong

Save Big Money at the Fair!

Fairs can be expensive for everyone.  There are many ways that you can save money at the fair: from setting a budget to sharing food.  Make sure to take a second and read the bulletin board on how to save money at the fair. #IdentityDevelopment

Don’t get scammed

Since our floor theme is Carnival/State Fair games I decided to post a little information on the trades of carnival games.  There are a lot of interesting methods carnies use to get more money out of you and rig the games in their favor.  Take a second and read the top carnival game scams that are currently posted in the hallway. #Knowledge

Wisconsin State Fair Facts

How much do you know about the Wisconsin State Fair?  There has been some interesting events in the history of the Wisconsin State Fair so make sure to take a second and read 10 Wisconsin State Fair facts which is currently posted in the hallway. #Knowledge

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