50 State Capitals

Since everyone enjoys the passing by activities I decided to make one that would also help everyone gain some knowledge on the state capitals. The best way to learn something is to first familiarize yourself which is the purpose of this activity.



Walking Dead

As the semester goes on it is important to get enough sleep. Make sure you know the signs of lack of sleep and read through the tips on how to get some more.


Connect the dots

Since everyone is busy with midterms I decided to put up and relaxing connect the dots.  Feel free to connect a few as you walk buy on your way to class to relieve some stress.


Pizza with the Chancellor

Thursday night we had a great discussion with the Chancellor.  We got to learn more about him, his goals for the school, and ask questions or state concerns.  We talked about the new buildings coming to campus and some some of the new policies with 2 year colleges.


Water Works

When you get a chance, stop by and read some interesting and educational facts about water on our planet.  Some of these facts may sunrise you.


United We Stand – Peterson Farm Brothers


Tonight was the United We Stand lecture given by one of the Pertson Farm Brothers.  He talked about using social media as a way to push agricultural knowledge and how his brothers and himself used farming music parodies to get people interested in agriculture.  It awesome seeing at least two residents who came out and enjoyed the speech.


Wearing the right colors

With interviews coming up and career fair the last few days I figured it was important to understand what the colors you wear tell the employers about you!  Take a chance and read through what message you want to send to your possible employer!


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