End of break egg hunt

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to hunt eggs with your family, I decided to hide over 300 eggs around the hall. Hope you all enjoyed the hunt on congrats to the person who found the golden egg!



Personal Hygiene Tips

When it comes to personal hygiene we should always try our best. As summer comes around make sure you are watching your personal hygiene. I put up several tips on things you should do to improve your personal hygiene.


Strengthen Your Relationship!

Stop by and read the elevator bulletin board when you get a chance!  We have several tips on how to strengthen your relationship with your significant other.  Here are the key points: Declare your boundaries, have fun together,  communicate in a healthy manner, and always show your gratitude for your SO.


Bingo at Bridgeway!

Last Friday night Bridge hosted the Friday Night Club and their event was Bingo!  There were lots of cool small prizes to when and even two grand prizes such a as a one month membership to a local gym!   Keep your eyes out for upcoming FNCs.  They occur every Friday.


Wall Ball in the PAC

Friday night we faced off against the West wing playing wall ball.  It was a blast, and one hack of a workout.  It was a great way to do something active on a Friday night.  Stay tuned for future week events and maybe other game of Wall Ball.


Wall of Memes

Nothing like a laugh to calm you down on the way to or from classes.  Stop by and read some.  Feel free to add some as well but please read the rules before doing so.


The Tuckman Model for your Suite

Based off the bulletin board.  The first door dec of this semester is a forming-storming-norming-performing model for your suite.  Use the model to represent how well your suite is getting along and working together.


Tuckman’s model

Tuckman’s simple forming-storming-norming-performing model was created to show the different stages a team or group will go through from when they first form to when they are performing at their finest.  The model typically progresses clockwise however a group/team can go back at any point in time.  Often when performing team has to learn a new skill they will go back to the forming or storming stage.  This simple model is great to understanding the working dynamic of the teams you will be part of in the future.



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