Monti Washington


Thank you to those who did or did not come to Monti Washington’s discussion last Sunday! Monti is an inspirational speaker, actor, and commercialist that seeks to share his story. Monti was raised on the streets as a kid, was circulated through many foster homes, and through many decisions and hardships rose from the streets to the stage. Being ridiculed for being a fostered child, the amount of times he was told he was nothing, he sought to disprove what others told him he was.

Throughout Monti’s speaking, Monti told us that we all have dreams that we want to conceive. We would like to plant a church, graduate college with a 4.0, own a home within five years, graduate without debt, and we may even have smaller goals, break up from a toxic relationship, talk to my family members twice a week, go to church more often. The key is we have to make efforts to personalize these goals. By personalize we mean, recite them daily, write them down and see them everyday, have a group to keep you accountable on these goals and share them with people! We should always have goals. Weekly goals, semester goals, yearly goals, and five year goals.

I even have goals that I need to improve.

Here are some of my goals:

Weekly Goal: Sign up for housing this week and pray with someone new.

Semester Goal: Figure out what career I would like to pursue, Education or Ministry.

One Year Goal: Grow in my relationship with Sadie by investing more time and effort into the relationship and praying for it more frequently. Graduate college!

Five Year Goal: Plant a church or begin a Young Adults Ministry.

What are your goals, and what efforts are you making to pursue them? Please tell me if you would like an accountability partner.


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