Clean up of Katie’s Garden

Sunday morning was the clean up of Katie’s garden which is a community garden here in Platteville.  Not only was it a great volunteer opportunity but it was also a great way to help the environment.  Katie’s garden was designed to help both bees and butterfly(s) which both faced a sever decline in the last few years.



Statistics from Around the World

Since earth day was two week ago I though it would be nice to show everyone some of the situations happening around the world.  We mostly hear about issues in our own country since those are the most concerning to us, but it is also useful to know about the things happening around the world.  Stop by and read some of the interesting statistics around the world.


Connect the Dots Stress Relief

Nothing gives your brain a break better than drawing some lines between a few dots :P.  As we get closer to finals week the amount of stress we get from classes sky rockets.  Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Relax, draw, hangout with friends.


Taste the World

This weeks Friday Night Club was hosted by our hall and it was Taste the World.  Each floor (six in total) made a dish from all continents with the exception of Antarctica. There was lots of food and information on the different continents. Keep an eye out for the other upcoming FNCs and events.

#Diversity and Inclusion

Earth Day – Waste Audit

Last Friday was Earth Day and there was an Earth Day carnival on campus.  One of the activities was a waste audit.  Garbage bags were taken from the Pioneer Student Center and were sorted to see what was recyclable and compostable.  The activity was quiet eye opening for all those involved.


Engineering Expo

Last Thursday was packed with fun.  I know a few of you went to the Engineering Expo but I hope a bunch of you ended up going.  The Engineering Expo is a massive event held on campus that is open to the public to encourage kids to pursue engineering.  Several attractions and events are hosted by individuals, teachers, and clubs.  Companies in the community also come to show off some of their modern tech. The county swat team was there to show off their armored vehicle and diesel powered motorcycle. Also, for those who missed it, there was a helicopter on the west lawn.  The Engineering Expo is always a blast and a great insight to all the things engineers can do.

(The picture is a program used to teach people about image processing.  The program allowed people to draw on the screen by just waving there hands in the air.)


The Peshtigo Fire

Here is a piece of information not many people have heard of. Due to this fire occurring on the same day as the Chicago fire, most of the news headlines often prefer to cover the Chicago Fire or the anniversary of the Chicago Fire instead of the Peshtigo Fire, Americas deadliest fire.  At the time Peshtigo was the largest logging town in the country and with the dry season the town made perfect kindly for the deadliest fire. Stop by and take a read.


Sudoku Puzzles

Here is a brain game to play on a slow day, Sudoku.  Sudoku is a number pattern recognition game of sorts.  The instructions are right below the games if you don’t know how to play.  Stop buy and plug in a few number 🙂


Cross Word – Around the World

Test your knowledge.  Can you fill in some of the blanks in this around the world crossword puzzle?  This puzzle is moderate difficulty so don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out a certain clue.


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