Taste of the World

Thank you to everyone that came out for Taste of the World. Also, thank you, Jasper, for the Chinese food. We were running low on our main course and Jasper brought some snacks that helped us out. The main dish that we had was from Korea and was an oriental drink, actually. Strawberry milk with […]

Southwest Cookout

Thank you to those that came to the Southwest Cookout! It was really fun having a last blast with everyone before the semester ends. It is crazy how fast this semester has gone.  Moana was playing in the MPR and it was fun watching that with some of you. I will miss all of y’all […]

Bond Fire

  Thank you to those that showed up to the Bond Fire last Friday. Alex, Tyler, and I had a great time with IV learning about the importance of community and fellowship. We also spoke about what God has pulled us through this semester and in our lives. The importance of community is that community […]

One Love

Thank you to those that showed up to the One Love program! It was a great time hearing about dating violence and how we can promote healthy, thriving relationships. If there is a sign of some relationship damage or red flag that is happening in a relationship, always make an effort to speak to your […]

Math Banquet

  Thank you to those that came to the Math Banquet last Wednesday. It was nice meeting some math majors and meeting some Math faculty. The food was great, and the company was even better. Of course at a Math banquet there are math jokes. The picture below is one of the jokes that were […]

Nerf Gun War

Thank you to those that came to the Nerf Gun War last Saturday. It was great running around the MPR and getting some activity going. While we may be college students, it is sometimes great to break into the little child in all of us. Running around, not really knowing what you are doing, and […]

Coffee Health

Are you a coffee drinker? Check out the Coffee bulletin board at the end of the hallway. While coffee may keep you alert, we cannot diminish its side effects. Coffee Withdrawal is a real thing, dehydration is  real thing, and teeth staining is a real thing. Of course, coffee is great with self-control, but, dependency on […]